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The Next Election is in
State officers to be elected are Supreme Court Justice, Court Appeals Judge, Districts I and IV, and Circuit Court Judge

WI-Gov: Democratic state Rep. Dana Wachs launched his campaign for governor of Wisconsin on Monday, August 7th making him the first officeholder to join next year's race against Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Wachs is currently serving in his third term representing a strongly blue Assembly seat in Eau Claire, and he argued he would be better able to connect with the outstate voters who have swung strongly against Democrats in recent years than another Madison or Milwaukee-based nominee.

Wachs' first challenge will be securing the Democratic nomination, though. Businessman Andy Gronik, who is reportedly wealthy, is the only other noteworthy Democrat in the race already. However, both state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout and state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers have filed the paperwork to run while they're still considering it. A handful of other Democrats are also still thinking about jumping in

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