Change Begins With You.

Scott Walker is hosting a live Q&A session tomorrow on Facebook. This is a great opportunity to ask him some pointed questions on his failed leadership in Wisconsin. Below is a sampling of questions that would be good put in your own voice to submit before the Q&A begins. You can also refer to previous message packages to ask the Governor questions.

The event can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/governorscottwalker/

John Doe/Lead Paint

Why did you previously say you never directly solicited money for the Wisconsin Club for Growth even though it turned out you did? Are you  going to apologize for lying to Wisconsinites?

After pushing a $750,000 donation from NL strategies, a lead producer, you claimed to have changed the law so lead producers couldn’t be sued as a way to create jobs. When asked you couldn’t come up with one example where changing the law created those jobs. After lying to Wisconsin already, why should I believe you did this for the best interests of Wisconsin and not some special interest?

Veterans Home at King

With the terrible conditions at the King’s Veterans home, are you going to reverse course on the funding raids you pushed through, which would strip millions of dollars, to help improve facilities like King?

The Journal Sentinel showed that State Senator Luther Olsen chose to go to a pie baking contest instead of attending a pre-scheduled meeting at the Veteran’s Home at King. Do you stand by Olsen’s decision or do you think he should have kept his appointment at the Veterans home at King?

Lincoln Hills

Taking care of our children, especially when under the supervision of the state, should be a top priority. It seems you have taken a back seat to what has happened at Lincoln Hills and haven’t made an effort to fix the situation. How are you, specifically as our governor, going to ensure nothing like this happens again?

After lying about your involvement with raising money for the Wisconsin Club for Growth, why should we believe that you only knew about what happened at Lincoln Hills in the last year? This is especially important because the evidence shows you were alerted about problems there in 2012 – why should we believe you when you say you only found out in the last year?


Wisconsin has been ranked dead last in private sector job growth the last two years. At the same time it has been found that WEDC has mis-appropriated millions of tax payer’s money. How do you justify getting rid of the commerce department for something like WEDC that is a failure?

Job Growth

Over the past six years we have fallen to 37th in job growth and are lagging well behind the national average. You are a Republican and the state house is controlled by Republicans so you have been able to implement the policies you have wanted. Why haven’t we seen our state grow and prosper? 


We have one million Wisconsin borrowers being burdened with $19 billion in student debt. Why won’t you and the Republican led state house do anything to address this problem? Specifically, why won’t you pass legislation that will allow student loan borrowers to refinance their debt the same way you can a mortgage?

43 referendums were passed by different school districts just to keep their lights on. Teachers are leaving the state, and kids don’t have the resources they need to get a quality education – how can you justify the $1.1 billion cut you’ve made to our public education system while refusing to make investments now that the problems are more apparent than ever?

Health Care 

Governor John Kasich of Ohio, a Republican like yourself, accepted Medicaid money because he knew he was bringing Ohio dollars back to his state. Why did you reject Wisconsin dollars, even though it could have helped 80,000 more Wisconsinites get health care or you could have re-allocated the money to infrastructure or our education system?