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Please do not share the address to this page with anyone

To Sign into Office 365 the username is info@dcwindems.org the current password is 750SP4!q12w@ and the pin is 1775
If your having a problem logging in please feel free to email me at quinnt@dcwindems.org or text me at 715.817.5038
No Meeting Minutes for February, March or April 2018 have been uploaded to One Drive
Is your master mail list. Which includes Members both current and lapsed plus volunteers and all interested persons. - Username DCDP Password mpT#88P%
Username is quinnt@charter.net Password is Dcdems2013
The password must be changed every 30 days. The current username is douglas_qthompson and the password is 00000 { Account not active]
Is the hosting company for our online website and email system. It's designed to be easy to use and update. The current username is DCWINDEMS and the password is 000000 If you don't know the format give me a call and I will walk you through it.
Twitter Login: DcWisdems passwords is DcDems2018! If you would like to post on our FaceBook page let me know and I will add you.

Document Library

DocumentCity DistrictsSuperior
DocumentCounty MunicipalitiesDouglas
DocumentApplicationVoter registration
DocumentProof of ResidenceFor Voting
DocumentFree IDVoting Wisconsin Election
DocumentAbsentee VotingWisconsin, Douglas Cty
DocumentMembership FormApproved by the DPW
DocumentMembership SummeryFive year comparison
Document2018 Delegate QuotasState Convention 2018
The document library is pulled from OneDrive to view all stored documents / reports click on OneDrive in office 365 above.
To added or change a google calendar event click on the plus sign above you may have to sign in the username is Dcwisdems@gmail.com and the password is Dcdems2018! {The calendar in office 365 is a separate calendar}.