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Tony Evers - Candidate Wisconsin superintendent - Incumbent WINNER

In his capacity as superintendent, Evers is responsible for providing leadership to Wisconsin's public school districts, providing the public with information about school management, attendance, and performance, licensing the state's teachers, and receiving and disbursing federal aid for schools.[4]

Before becoming superintendent, Evers gained experience in the education field through jobs ranging from classroom teacher, principal, school district administrator, CESA administrator, and deputy state superintendent

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Jim Paine - Candidate For Mayor City of Superior WINNER
I believe that local government ought to represent everybody, and that it has to work for everybody. At Douglas County, we actually spend a lot of time trying to bring more attention to marginalized groups and people that get forgotten in our community. A lot of the work I've done over the last couple of years is to bring attention to these groups — like the newest generation of veterans or mentally ill or drug-addicted people, low income families — and I think we have a lot of success in that. More importantly, because we have worked so well together, we have been able to create a local government that is far more effective and efficient than I think local government has been in many, many years. And I think that's the type of government, the type of leadership, that Superior really needs. So I'm hoping to bring that over to the city of Superior with me.

Laura Gapske - Candidate for school board of Superior WINNER
I sense the current school board does not represent our community. I have managed raising two boys with a lower income, which furthers my understanding of the struggles of a large portion of our community. It's time to bring more balance with a progressive perspective to our Superior School District Board

Bryce Harp - Candidate for Superior City Councilor (2nd) District 
Our residents deserve reliable infrastructure and safe roadways. We need to place a priority on investing in better streets, sidewalks, parks, and maintaining sewers to better serve the community. Small businesses are the backbone of Superior, and provide good job opportunities. We need to ensure that the police and fire departments are allocated the resources they require in order to make Superior a safe place to live.

Mary Smith JohnsonCandidate for school board of Superior WINNER

I've been a teacher for 26 years and worked with students from a wide-array of backgrounds, abilities, and goals. My passion thrives when I am working to bring students, families, teachers and administration together to identify solutions to inspire all.  School governance is often times a complicated process. My role on the school board will be to identify our goals, to build consensus around a strategic plan, properly allocate our financial resources to support the plan, ensure budget efficiency, and exert proper oversight on district administration and staff as they execute our shared vision. I have the experience and the skills to be your voice on the school board
Jenny Van Sickle - Candidate for Superior City Councilor (2nd) District ?WINNER
I am dedicated to authentically representing you and will be a fierce advocate on your behalf. My campaign is dedicated to providing transparency, access to government and ensuring an inclusive community, to produce effective results that benefit not only the residents of District 2, but the City of Superior as a whole. 
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