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DNC Talking Points

Affordable Care Act Pushback

► GOP Line: The Affordable Care Act is in a “death spiral,” it needs a radical overhaul.
Answer: Interestingly, the Trump administration seems to be trying to create a "death spiral" by reducing advertising and threatening premium hikes to scare people away from signing up. But despite that, enrollment has remained essentially stable, and healthcare experts from across the political spectrum reject the idea that the ACA marketplaces are experiencing a “death spiral.” Republicans may continue to try to manufacture a crisis, but the Affordable Care Act has already proven itself – just ask the millions of Americans with care now that had no access before.
► GOP Line: The Congressional Budget Office was WAY off when it scored the Affordable Care Act, so we shouldn’t trust anything they have to say this time either.
Answer: Actually, later studies have found the Congressional Budget Office was “reasonably accurate” in its projections of how many more Americans would get coverage under the Affordable Care Act – in fact they turned out to be one of the most accurate of all the major studies that were out there. The largest confounding issue was the CBO was too pessimistic about the impact of the Affordable Care Act on employer-sponsored coverage: the CBO thought more people would end up getting their coverage through the health exchanges because they thought more people would lose employer-sponsored coverage. That didn’t happen, which is a good thing. And CBO projections about premiums – still growing, but at a slower rate – were just about right. There’s a reason the CBO estimate is considered the gold standard. The CBO is as good as it gets
► GOP Line: Under Obamacare, people who supposedly have “coverage” face such high deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, they might as well not have coverage because they can’t afford care. If they lost their coverage, they wouldn’t miss having to pay premiums that never help with their bills. 
Answer: Under the healthcare law we have now, all plans must cover certain routine care like wellness visits and mammograms for no extra charge. Plans with lower premiums will have higher deductibles, but what’s important about those plans is if someone becomes seriously hurt or ill, the potentially huge costs of that treatment will be covered by insurance. So even the lowest price plans now include both routine and catastrophic coverage. There’s a huge difference between that and being uninsured.  What’s more, despite what you hear from Republicans, premiums are growing more slowly since Obamacare went into effect. Only 3% of the people who get their health insurance through Obamacare’s exchanges have seen their premiums rise at all – and some states have even seen decreases from year to year.  
► GOP Line: Democrats are the ones who tried to push their health care bill through without people understanding it. Nancy Pelosi famously said the only way to see what was in it was just to pass it. 
Answer: The Affordable Care Act was worked on and debated for over a year, and every provision was scrutinized. What Nancy Pelosi said was we needed to pass the bill to assess it “away from the fog of controversy,” which was a polite way of saying it was hard to talk about the bill when Republicans were constantly lying about it – saying it would kill grandma or balloon the deficit or kill jobs, none of which happened when it passed.


Donald Trump has inherited this economy from President Obama, with the longest streak of private sector job growth in history, which thankfully remained unbroken Friday. That’s good news for everyone.
Donald Trump has had about as much to do with the jobs record since January 20th as he does with the [pick your favorite basketball team]’s record since January 20th.
But when Trump’s policies kick in – watch out. Trump’s policies would take away 8 years of Democratic gains for working families, and give the money to his wealthy friends.

  • In one of his first acts as President, Donald Trump Trump made it harder for Americans to afford a mortgage by reversing a rule that would have saved new homebuyers $500/year. This could keep as many as 40,000 American families from buying a home this year.
  • Trumpcare would slash health care for as many as 20 million Americans and use the money for tax giveaways for billionaires. It would take the money from the who need it most – whose lives depend on it – and give it to those who need it least.

Democrats are going to fight Trump tooth and nail, to make sure Americans across the country can all benefit from our economy – not just billionaires like Trump.