Change Begins With You!

The Next Election is in
Inauguration of Governor Evers!

If you are like me, you are excited about Wisconsin's new Governor! No matter what happens in the coming legislative session, it is very heartening to know that Governor Evers and, by extension, Wisconsin families will again have a say in our state government. 

The era of one-party rule in Wisconsin is now over. I know that there will still be contention and disagreement in Madison and that Wisconsin progressives will still face an uphill battle to win substantive policy changes. However, for the first time in nearly a decade, there will be checks and balances again in state government. For too long there have been no incentives for regressive politicians in Wisconsin to moderate. The benefits of having a backstop cannot be overstated. 

Wisconsin voters turned out in record numbers to send the clear message that they wanted a more balanced and accountable government. A government not driven by ideological rigidity but rather by what works best for the people of our state. It is my hope that legislative Republicans heed the voices of our friends and neighbors and come to the table to work together with Democrats in this next legislative session.

Senator, Chris Larson

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