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Change Begins With You!

2016 was not the result we hoped for – but we will not back down, and we will never give up.  Thank you for all the work you did, and continue to do on behalf of the progressive values that we all share.

The combination of a Trump presidency and GOP control over every facet of state government — including the judiciary — from a perfect storm that threatens to make 2017 one of the worst years ever for Wisconsin progressives and moderates. Donate, volunteer, do something, do whatever you can, to fight the destructive agenda that lies before us. 

Quinn Thompson DCDP Communication Director 

Legislative Democrats’ K-12 Funding Proposal

Despite controlling the legislature, Republicans are on pace to miss the upcoming budget deadline as they remain divided on questions regarding potential school cuts, transportation project delays, and revenue questions. In need of solutions, Democratic members revealed a K-12 education plan that restores school funding and lowers property taxes. 

Democrats' plan would direct more state aid to public school classrooms, increase special education funding for the first time in nearly a decade, and allow schools to improve student health and safety

Restores funding lost under restrictions Republicans placed on low-spending districts in 2011, and increases funding for historically low spending districts beyond the Assembly Republican K-12 budget proposal.

Increase special education funding for the first time in nearly a decade by close to $90 million. 

Restores $500 million in local revenue authority so districts can use the increased state funding for actual classroom instruction. 

Allows local communities to put in place school safety plans, save tax dollars with energy efficient projects, and combat alcohol and other drug abuse outside of spending limits.  

Reduces property taxes statewide by increasing state support for schools. Compared to the Governor’s plan, Dem plan cuts property taxes by $25 million more. 

Democrats’ plan represents a nearly $730 million investment in public education beyond Governor Walker’s budget.

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