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Lame Duck Session:
Republicans Attempting to Eviscerate Checks and Balances

TOPLINE: Republicans want to override the will of the people.

  • Once again, Republicans are doubling down on divide and conquer - putting politics before the people of Wisconsin.
  • Republicans are trying to reverse the will of the people who said loud and clear last week that they want a change from partisanship and divide-and-conquer politics.
  • What’s happening is exactly what’s wrong with politics these days--typical, career politicians will do anything to cling to control, even if it means gutting our constitution and the separation of powers.
  • Republicans would rather eliminate checks and balances in government than work together on the pressing issues facing our state like health care, education, and transportation.
  • Republicans changed the rules when they won, and now they’re changing the rules again because they lost. We should be focused on solving problems, not picking petty political fights.


Please note that for now, our message is not about Scott Walker, and is instead focused on pressuring Legislative Republicans not to introduce or support any changes to Governor-Elect Evers’ power prior to taking the oath of office.

We’re also avoiding the phrase “power grab.” This is about Republicans overriding the will of the people, eroding constitutional separation of powers, and eviscerating checks and balances.

Regardless of what they introduce, our message doesn’t change.

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